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The Dan Peck Trio is comprised of Dan Peck (tuba, compositions), Tom Blancarte (double-bass), and Brian Osborne (percussion). Formed in 2008, the group focuses on improvisation and Dan's compositions. The trio functions as a tuba-fronted ensemble, but there is equal emphasis on a blending together of the bass instruments, creating an atmosphere of dark frequencies. The sound of the Trio spans from landscapes of near-silence to massive, apocalyptic sound sculptures. Dan's through-composed pieces for the group exploit the lowest possible sounds and harmonies of their instruments, and are heavily inspired by Doom Metal.

         The Trio's debut LP, Acid Soil is out now on the Heat Retention Records label. Purchase the record here, or email me directly.

    The album has recently received airplay on WFMU (Scott McDowell Long Rally, Inner Ear Detour with David, Wm. Berger My Castle of Quiet), and was "tweeted" by the Wire and Larry Dolman of Blastitude.

"...hypnotically suspended session at the exact mid-point between jazz and doom" - The Wire

"Point well struck between Kentucky doom gnarl (Matt Minter art, yikes) and NYC jazz exactitude" - Blastitude

Artwork by Matt Minter

Zombie Blood (clip)

Reanimated Furnace (clip)

Sewer Rat Exorcism (clip)

The Trio went on tour this past March. Starting in Pittsburgh, we moved through Chicago, Lexington, Cincinnati, Winston-Salem, Carrboro, Greensboro, and Silver Springs Maryland.
Peter Margasak/Chicago Reader blurb